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Higher-level applications
High pressure gas supply
ID: i

High pressure and ultra high pressure gas supply

Current application
Oxygen boosting
ID: 107

Oxygen boosting

For laboratories, medicine, metallurgy and chemical production

Task clarification
Oxygen bottles charging
ID: 87 i

Oxygen bottles charging from oxygen generator

Oxygen supply in metallurgy
ID: 267 i

Blowing of liquid iron, smelting of non-ferrous metals, matte processing

Oxygen supply for chemical synthesis
ID: 268 i

Oxygen supply in process systems for the production of acetylene, ammonia, nitric and sulfuric acids

Oxygen supply in the power industry
ID: 269 i

Oxygen enrichment of air in industrial boilers

Oxygen supply for water treatment
ID: 270 i

Ozonation and wastewater treatment in wastewater treatment plants and ozonation plants

Oxygen supply for oil production
ID: 271 i

Oxygen supply to create a combustion source within the formation

Oxygen supply for the glass industry
ID: 272 i

Oxygen supply in glass furnaces for the production of medical and laboratory glass

Breathing systems charging
ID: 273 i

Breathing equipment of airplanes and deep-diving vehicles charging

Similar applications
Gas tanks and gas equipment charging
ID: 7 i

Gas cylinders, ramps, tanks, gas equipment charging

Gas systems charging
ID: 16 i

Gas systems charging, gas supply to the process

Gas pressure testing
ID: 17 i

Gas pressure testing, pneumatic testing, leak detection

Industrial gas supply
ID: 21 i

Industrial purity air, nitrogen, helium, argon, carbon dioxide

Medical and breathing gases supply
ID: 99 i

Medical oxygen, breathing air, nitrous oxide, breathingmixtures, Nitrox, Trimix, Heliox, helium, nitrogen

Chemically active, aggressive gas supply
ID: 20 i

Sour gas, hydrogen sulphide, ozone, carbon dioxide

Fire-hazardous, flammable gas supply
ID: 19 i

LNG, natural gas, petroleum gas, sour gas, oxygen, hydrogen, propane, butane, methane, other hydrocarbons

Ultra high pressure gas supply
ID: 18 i

Oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, helium, argon, krypton, xenon

Oxygen boosting
ID: 107 i

For laboratories, medicine, metallurgy and chemical production

Nitrogen N2 boosting
ID: 108 i

Gas pressure testing with nitrogen N2, chromatography, gas equipment charging, creating an inert environment

Helium He boosting
ID: 109 i

Helium leak testing, gas equipment charging, inerting

Argon boosting Ar
ID: 111 i

Gas equipment charging, chromatography, chemical industry

Sulfur hexafluoride SF6 supply
ID: 110 i

High-voltage equipment charging, cooling systems feeding

High pressure industrial air supply
ID: 114 i

High pressure air drives actuation, cylinders charging

Carbon dioxide CO2 gas boosting
ID: 112 i

Gas phase CO2 boosting after gasificator, gas lasers feed

Hydrogen boosting
ID: 106 i

Synthesis of substances, chromatography, gas cylinders charging

Products for the application

Oxygen Boosters

High pressure gas boosters for oxygen bottles charging

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Oxygen Boosting Packages

Oxygen booster packages manufactured in accordance with the strict requirements of international standards for oxygen equipment

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Manually Driven Oxygen Booster

Oxygen Booster for diving manually and air driven

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Equipment to solve the task: Oxygen boosting

Compressors for oxygen O2 supply
ID: 22 i

Gas boosters for high-purity and high-purity oxygen supply

High pressure HII boosters 5G series
ID: 57 i

High pressure gas boosters 5G series for high pressure gas charging from low pressure gas sources like gas cylinder, gas generator, low pressure compressor

Gas booster 5G-DS-30
ID: 158 i

Gas booster 5G-DS-30

ID: 231 i

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