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Test Package Rental

Rental of packages for hydraulic, pneumatic, and gas tests, including helium gas detection tests. Hydraulic stations, hydraulic test packages, compressors, and compressor packages

Test Package Rental: Rental of packages for hydraulic, pneumatic, and gas tests, including helium gas detection tests. Hydraulic stations, hydraulic test packages, compressors, and compressor packages


With pleasure we are informing you that we have launched a program for rental of high pressure and super high pressure hydraulic and compressor packages.

Our equipment is successfully used for the following applications:

  • Static pressurization of vessels, tanks, and HP cylinders
  • Calibration of safety devices
  • Valve leak testing
  • Safety valve adjustment
  • Hydraulic tests of casing heads
  • Hydrostatic tests of X-tree equipment
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic tests of packer equipment
  • Maintenance of ESP units
  • Testing of pipe assemblies, pipelines, HP hoses, and hoses of other types
  • Performance tests of equipment casings and valve bodies
  • HP gas tests and helium gas detection tests with a helium-air mixture and helium-nitrogen mixture

A short-term rental of equipment will minimize your costs for single-time maintenance works and help you avoid keeping surplus stock of expensive highly specific equipment.

For a short-term rental, only attended packages are provided.


We provide for rental:

  • HP hydraulic pumps: 0‒3000 bar
  • Hydraulic test packages: 0‒3000 bar
  • HP gas boosters: 0‒600 bar
  • HP air boosters: 0‒600 bar
  • HP helium boosters: 0‒600 bar
  • HP nitrogen boosters: 0‒600 bar
  • • Compressor stations, including multi-compressor solutions: 0‒600 bar


Rental of attended packages will prevent your equipment failure during its operation and minimize your time and money expenses.

With our long-term rented pump and compressor packages, you will be able to carry out your works in the most prompt and efficient manner.

In case of an attended package rental, you will have to pay only for actual package operation shifts, including installation, commissioning, and dismantling of the packages.

The delivery period of packages, accessories, tools as well as the time till our personnel`s arrival is not charged.

Rental of complex multi-compressor and multi-pump solutions is also available— please contact us for details.


For rental, we provide our own packages and packages subrented from third parties.

Expensive components (compressors and boosters of all types and HP pumps) and any systems based on them are provided against a deposit covering the 100 % cost of the packages.

Currently the fleet of packages to rent is just being formed, so there are some restrictions regarding the configuration of packages and the time of rendering services.

All types of packages available for rental have significant capacity restrictions. Their use for testing of large capacity equipment and systems is also restricted.

Compressors and compressor packages are non-greased. This results in their high wear during gas tests of large capacity equipment. Packages with an estimated wear over 10 % of the total wear are not provided for rental until they are overhauled.



  • Pure water, service water, and water containing anticorrosive agents or antifreeze compounds
  • Distilled water and deionized water
  • With restrictions: liquids contaminating the pump wet end, including technical oils. The subsequent package washing is charged


  • High purity nitrogen, helium, helium-nitrogen mixture, helium-air mixture: no restrictions
  • High purity air: no restrictions
  • With restrictions: industrial air from an oil air compressor that is not fitted with a fine air cleaning system for oil removal. An additional cleaning system for the gas part may be provided at an extra charge as an option
  • Freon gases, firefighting halons

The list of liquids and gases will be significantly increased with the rental program development.

Please let us know what packages you would like to rent currently and in the future. We need it to form the test package fleet more efficiently, minimize your costs, reduce your risks, and make our package rental even more available for you!

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