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HII products selection for high pressure liquid or gas supply
ID: i

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Current application
Liquefied gas transfer
ID: 4

Liquefied gas transfer

Transfer of various liquefied gases, multiphase media

Task clarification
Freon charging of fire fighting systems
ID: 23 i

Freons R23, R227ea, R125, R218 and others

Freon charging of refrigeration equipment
ID: 24 i

Freons R11, R12, R13, R14, R134a, R22, R600a, R407c, R410a, NH3 and others

Freon charging of air conditioning systems
ID: 25 i

Freons R22, R32, R290, R407c, R410a and others

Liquefied gas supply to the process
ID: 26 i

Carbon dioxide, freons, hydrocarbons, reactive substances

Saving and recovery of liquified gases
ID: 27 i

Freons, halons, sulfur hexafluoride, nitrous oxide, and others

High purity liquified gas supply
ID: 39 i

High purity liquified gas supply

Flammable liquified gases supply
ID: 40 i

Supply of flammable and fire dangerous liquified gases

Aggressive liquified gases supply
ID: 41 i

Supply of aggressive liquified gases

Nitrous oxide NO2 supply
ID: 113 i

Gas or liquid NO2 supply for medical and industrial applications

Carbon dioxide CO2 handling
ID: 91 i

Polystyrene extruders feed, CO2 extraction, firefighting and refrigeration systems charging, gas lasers feed

Similar applications
High pressure liquids supply
ID: 2 i

High pressure and ultra high pressure liquid supply

High pressure gas supply
ID: 3 i

High pressure and ultra high pressure gas supply

Liquefied gas transfer
ID: 4 i

Transfer of various liquefied gases, multiphase media

High pressure equipment and systems testing
ID: 5 i

Different types of hydraulic, pneumatic, gas pressure tests of various equipment, vesels, and systems

Hydraulic equipment and tools drive
ID: 6 i

Hydraulic drive of the processing equipment and tools

Gas tanks and gas equipment charging
ID: 7 i

Gas cylinders, ramps, tanks, gas equipment charging

High purity liquids and gases supply
ID: 8 i

Pure and ultrapure liquids, gases, liquefied gases

Hazardous fluids and chemicals supply
ID: 9 i

Flammable, explosive, chemically active liquids and gases

Service in the oil and gas industry
ID: 55 i

Equipment maintenance in oil-and-gas industry

Humidification, fogging
ID: 79 i

Agriculture, industry, microclimate in greenhouses, shops, premises, servers, data centers

High pressure chromatography
ID: 81 i

Analytical and industrial, gas and liquid, synthesis of substances

Diving and entertainment equipment maintenance
ID: 43 i

Gas cylinders, rebreathers, pcp, paintball equipment maintenance

Products for the application

Multiphase booster pumps

Multiphase booster pumps for liquified gases handling

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Liquified Gas Systems

Liquified Gas Systems for handling fire extinguishing agents, freons, refrigerants

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Equipment to solve the task: Liquefied gas transfer

Gas booster 5G-DS-7
ID: 156 i

Gas booster 5G-DS-7

Gas booster 7G-DS-7
ID: 186 i

Gas booster 7G-DS-7

Gas booster 7G-TS-7
ID: 187 i

Gas booster 7G-TS-7

HIHPG5 liquefied gas boosting system
ID: 11 i

Open-frame single-compressor liquefied gas unit based on 5LG-TS-4 compressor

Multiphase booster 5LG-TS-4
ID: 12 i

Multiphase booster 5LG-TS-4 for pumping various liquefied gases

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