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Higher-level applications
Nitrogen N2 boosting
ID: i

Gas pressure testing with nitrogen N2, chromatography, gas equipment charging, creating an inert environment

Current application
Gas and oil storage and transportation
ID: 278

Gas and oil storage and transportation

Creating an inert environment in tanks, purging tanks and pipelines

Similar applications
Laser cutting of metal
ID: 274 i

Ensure high quality of the workpiece edge by removing melted metal from the cutting zone

Chemical synthesis
ID: 275 i

For ammonia production, by-product gas processing, and fertilizer production.

Nitrogen supply for metallurgy
ID: 276 i

Nitrogen supply during hardening, annealing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, sintering of powder metals

Nitrogen supply for oil production
ID: 277 i

Nitrogen supply for well draining, well pressure control, reservoir drainage

Gas and oil storage and transportation
ID: 278 i

Creating an inert environment in tanks, purging tanks and pipelines

Nitrogen supply for the mining industry
ID: 279 i

Providing an explosion-proof environment in mines and excavations

Nitrogen charging of heavy vehicles tires
ID: 280 i

Nitrogen charging of aircraft and quarry equipment tires

Products for the application

Ex-proof Systems and Packages

Ex-proof and explosion safe high pressure gas booster systems and packages

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Compressor Packages for Pure Gases

Compressor packages for pure and ultra-pure gases

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Leak Test Benches

Test benches for leak pressure testing with helium, helium-air mix, helium-nitrogen mix.

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Pneumatic Test Consoles

Pneumatic test consoles for vessels, cylinders, valves and bodies leak-tight testing with Air, Nitrogen, Helium, inert gases, gas mixes

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Equipment to solve the task: Gas and oil storage and transportation

Pneumatic pressure boosters for boosting air, nitrogen
ID: 9 i

Air amplifier on the receiver model HIS-10002

High-pressure compressors for gas boosting
ID: 7 i

Compressors for pressurizing various gases at high pressure

ID: 200 i

Gas booster 5G-TS-7/14
ID: 166 i

Gas booster 5G-TS-7/14

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