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Hydraulic systems for chromatography

High pressure hydraulic systems for chromatography

Hydraulic systems for chromatography: High pressure hydraulic systems for chromatography


Pneumatic-operated hydraulic HII units are used in chromatography when feeding a moving phase stream (mixture of liquid substances) to a chromatographic column to separate into components for analysis or to obtain a pure substance.

The use of the pump pneumatic drive ensures fire and explosion safety of the plant when operating with easily flammable liquids.

The purity of the eluent during pumping is maintained due to the fact that the hydraulic pump does not require lubricants.

Hydraulic units are used in both laboratory and preparation and industrial chromatographs.


  • Drive type: pneumatic;
  • Pressure range from 0 to 4000 atm (1-400 MPa);
  • Performance range: 0 - 10 l/min (100 l/min max);
  • The maximum performance for each model is different and depends on the mode of operation;
  • Pneumatic drive power supply: industrial oil-free air, nitrogen 5-10 atm (0.5-1.0 MPa);
  • Special versions of drives: powered by associated petroleum gas, methane, etc.;
  • Pressure adjustment: smooth, stepless, high precision, in a wide range of operating pressures;
  • Feed adjustment: smooth, stepless, medium precision, wide feed range.


  • Do not contaminate pumped liquid - ideal for pumping high purity liquids;
  • Ideal for pressure control tasks - in some modes it is tens, hundreds of times more efficient than analogues with electric drive;
  • Do not heat the pumped liquid in any operating mode - do not require a heat exchanger;
  • Do not require bypass valve, bypass valve for pressure adjustment;
  • Do not require frequency, "automated" control without automation;
  • Unlimited number of start-up, shutdown cycles - ideal for hard cycle load operation;
  • Struts to hydraulic impact as a result of hydraulic fracturing of the article;
  • Very wide, very smooth, very simple adjustment of supply and injection pressure in a wide range from zero to maximum values - even a child will cope;
  • Do not require any electrics - full fire and explosion safety;
  • Small, light, mobile;
  • Inert to dust, moisture, weather;
  • Fire - Explosion Proof
  • Easy to operate, maintain, manage, repair.


  • Not designed to pump contaminated liquids, liquids with mechanical impurities;
  • Slow-moving equipment - maximum performance limits;
  • Significantly more expensive than similar solutions with electric drive for hydraulic cutting, washing, pressure testing of products with a volume of more than 100 cubic meters, pre-filling of products and systems of large volumes - where constant high performance is required;
  • Gas phase is not pumped;
  • Not designed for high-precision dosing;


  • Distilled water, deionized water;
  • Hydrocarbons, solvents;
  • High purity liquids.
  • Explosive, flammable liquids.
  • Reactive, aggressive fluids.
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